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08 April 2010 @ 08:34 pm
Well, I don't make icons so often anymore, but in any case, here's a few things what I have done in the past... 100 decades??

Samples (they're of Lost, Gilbert Grape, The Libertine, Rafael Nadal, Zachary Quinto...):

Don't expect much though... you have been warned!Collapse )

Please credit if using, and ask if you'd like to alter/if you'd like me to alter or resize anything (I don't have the originals to take anything away, but I could add text etc, and if you'd like to say hello that would be very happy and aleviate the loneliness in the interworld that is?! Riiiiggghhhtttttt......

Maybe I made some more stuff than this, I'm not sure, but where it is if so, noboday knows!!! Hmm.....
03 January 2009 @ 08:35 pm
theriakx at realmofsilence and I decided to do an icon battle! We each chose 10 images and made icons of all 20.

I hope you enjoy our results. They were fun to make and I loved seeing theriakx's beautiful creations :).

Samples of mine:

Samples of realmofsilence's:

The icons!!!Collapse )

And here is the corresponding post at realmofsilence by theriakx!

Hopefully I will be back soon, perhaps with some Gilbert Grape - we shall see!!

Oh, and if you would like to use any of these, please make sure you check whether they are by me or by realmofsilence and credit correspondingly!

Thank you ;D. And Happy New Year! I hope 2009 will be a happy one for you all :).
25 December 2008 @ 03:54 pm
But I just wanted to say

I hope you're all having a fabulous Christmas and that 2009 is a happy year for you!

I am a little tipsy, but I shall share the few rubbish icons of stock, Mr Depp and a little Heroes (which contrary to popular opinion, I never thought much of 'till this season, but very much got into in the current run!) that I have made in recent months mainly for challenge things. I have little time for iconning presently. Anyhow...

for what it's worth, here they are!Collapse )
I mainly wanted to post to apologise to the few of you that already have here added as I transferred all my entries over from theblackeyeddog and seeing as you can't backdate community entries, it meant a lot of entries all in a row here. Anyhow, they are all done now. And to make up for it (not sure it's really making up, but there you are) I'll post these few (by my standards, eh? lalala!) random things I have made. This is the first time I have made a walpaper since I got this computer. I had to work out what my resolution was! 'Cause I'm lazy I only made the wallpapers in the right size for ME! But if you'd like me to try to edit anything to work for your resolution, just ask!

Icons: 1-5: Rafael Nadal ~ 6-12, 14-22 and 25-27: Stock (I'm not very good at these stock icons, but I've decided to try them a bit more and hopefully one day I'll get better) ~ 13: Sawyer, Lost ~ 23, 24: Johnny Depp

Banners: 1: Rafael Nadal ~ 2: The Libertine

Wallpapers (size 1280 X 1024): 1, 2: The Libertine ~ 3, 4: Edward Scissorhands


Can you tell it was late at night by the time I did the Edward ones?! ;D Bizarre! But aaanywaaayyy, enough of this!...

TadaCollapse )
The other 303 The Libertine icons! (The other 305 are here)

Warning: This film is 18/R rated and so are some of these icons!
Sexual content and syphilitic disintegrating faces abound!


Caps by rapscallion - thank you!

click me!Collapse )
608 (Yes, really!) The Libertine icons
305 in this post, 303 here

Warning: This film is 18/R rated and so are some of these icons!
Sexual content and syphilitic disintegrating faces abound!


Caps by rapscallion - thank you!

I'll probably make banners or maybe some walls, who knows with these caps some time as I have 'em all coloured now. If there's anything particular you'd like (banner or icon wise) out of Libertine caps in this colouring, ask away!

Mostly simple crops, but with this many, can you expect more? hee. Also, the colouring worked better on some but ah well...Collapse )
200 icons
Some banners
Black and white-ish caps of the whole film

Samples of icons:

So these are simple crops mostly. I haven't had time to make many icons for ages, have no inspiration and don't know what to do to make anything. Perhaps I don't know how to make anything any more. Oh well. But I batch converted these caps from newsie__nympho (posted at dj_capslock) so thought I would crop some avs out of them.

Feel free to snag whatever you like (please credit theblackeyeddog or ominousoddities). And I hope they at least make up for what they lack in quality in their quantity. If you were looking for an icon of Edward Scissorhands, hopefully I will have iconned it in here!

Even though these are simple, please don't re-edit them. Instead I have decided to share my black and white-ed caps (well, they aren't quite black and white, but nearly).


Actual caps are 852 X 480

If you download any caps, please comment and if you use them in any way, please credit me (theblackeyeddog or ominousoddities) for the colouring and newsie__nympho for the caps themselves. Thank you!

It'd be nice to know if anyone was interested in these, and if you do use them I'd love to see what you make. I don't know if uploading them is really any use to anyone, I just thought seeing as I'd done them I may as well share them.

Also, if you would like an icon of a particular scene made with a cap in this colouring by me, then just ask. Though it's more than likely I'll have already iconned it I think!! The same goes for if you'd like any of these banners or avs with text or anything added. I am happy to do so if you ask. And if you'd like a particular font using, just let me know. And if for any reason you have a burning desire to use something and re-edit it yourself, then please ask about it here.

Phew - that's quite enough rambling now, so... on to the goodies (or baddies!)

EdwardCollapse )

Click here if you would like to join the community or click here to friend me :).
It's been a while! 'Tis the summer as of Thursday, so perhaps I shall make a few things over the breakishness? Then again, perhaps not as I am not here for all of it. But I may well make some more of these style things, especially of the Earl and if I can find any good new pictures of people. I started making some actual Rochestery icons for myself then kept making so thought I'd post them. Then I moved on to composers, but in my google image searching I found it harder to find good paintings of them, so this is it for now. But any other suggestions for where to find portraits of people from days gone by would be much appreciated, as though they're simple I rather enjoyed making them into icons :). As always, why make one icon of a picture when you can make 432 ;) so I apologise for the many similarities/only slight differences. That said, here's what we have!

01-23: John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester (plus the occasional monkey!)
lonely #24: Frédéric Chopin
25-30: Franz Liszt
31-34: Sergei Rachmaninov
And lots of Rochester banner things


I have no idea who if anyone will be interested in these, but...Collapse )

Oh! And as a side note, I've been watching a number of Vanessa Paradis' films lately and thought I might try iconning some of them sometime. Does anyone know a good place for screencaps perchance?? Thank you in advance if so :)
24 October 2008 @ 04:03 pm
It's midnight and I don't know why I am posting this. Anyway, this is my first attempt at doing a colouring in thing from a black and white pic, so it's all just the same pic cropped and stuff and late so I will just post:


All this you freely may confess yett wee'l not disagree. For did you love your pleasures less you were not fitt for meeCollapse )
24 October 2008 @ 04:02 pm
It's been a while since I posted anything. I don't really have so much time for making anymore and am not really likely to all that often. I did actually create a community thing which I thought perhaps I could post in while maybe sometimes then posting other actual stuff in here. It was ominousoddities (You know how everyone has that wondrously idealistic idea of an old book shop, with maybe some other oddities in there, where you'd sit all day and read, and somehow even though surely you'd only sell a book a week you'd make enough money? Well I always thought Ominous Oddities would be a good name for it, except that with the ominous bit it's likely no-one would ever wish to enter it.) Anyway, I don't think I'll bother with it now with the amount I am making. Maybe I'll use it for something else one day. We shall see. These are not very good but oh well, I thought I'd post 'em to get rid of them.


sorryCollapse )
24 October 2008 @ 04:01 pm
I don't usually get the urge to make anything of Johnny himself. It's usually his characters. But today I did, so... 3 walls cropped into copius amounts of different stuff too:


What does anyone want but to feel a little more free?Collapse )
Nothing special in this lot so I apologise for the rubbish quality. Most of it is me trying some animatedness with usually beyond terrible results. Anyone know how to make good animated icons? I’m using Photoshop CS3 and discovered you can load videos into it which is very clever… but making an icon that’s under 40K is another thing entirely. I need help! Although, that said, I think this might be both the beginning and the end of my sorry attempts at anything animated - too much effort I'm afraid, so maybe it's better just left as a mystery.

Anyway, here we have:
The Libertine (+ lots animated)
Sweeney (+ a few animated)

Samples of animated:

And samples of other:

hereCollapse )

Well, 'tis holidayish week and despite the fact that I have more work I need to do than in a normal week I am using that as my excuse and procrastination as my explanation :o! I set about using some lyrics with this lot and obviously didn't get though the whole film yet. And also, as ever, I had to make about 5 different crops of each thing so they are also here without the lyrics ;D. I will probably make more lyrics ones at some point because yay! A lot of these are Lucy/Sweeney because awww :( me loves Lucy-Sweeneyness sadness. Also, does anyone know any good fonts to use on icons? I haven't made many icons with text on before and have had much trouble trying to make anything that's still readable when it gets down to little size : /... not sure I was always successful even just always using this font. hmmm.... Alright, enough yammering on! I will stop iconning Sweeney evetually (well, you have to hope so at least!)

Oh! And caps are by captonic - many thanks :)


There was a Barber and his wife... (spoilers)Collapse )
Right, well I have iconned (and headered to a fashion) the whole of Sweeney pretty much (barring the stuff I already did in the last post) haha :o. With many thanks to captonic for the caps. I should probably concentrate on quality above quantity, but what can you do when there are so many pretty caps?! I’ll perhaps try harder in the future as I know these were just kinda I MUST ICON ALL!!! :o There is also one random The Libertine banner and a few random avs with both Sweeney and John. Some of the banners aren't entirely finished, so if anyone wanted them with text or something adding or resized I could do that.. That said, here we go:


It’s the whole film, so if anyone hasn’t seen it, there are spoilersCollapse )
24 October 2008 @ 03:54 pm
OK, if there's anything anyone might happen to want to request of Sweeney nature, now is the time, as I am currently in post-Sweeney watching excitement/obsession mode ;). And while I mention it, if anyone would like to request anything else, then feel free to do that too - particularly The Libertine stuff as I'll always find a moment for making The Libertine art in case it isn't evident ;)!! Not sure why anyone would want to request anything, but aaanywayyy!!

Anyway (again), here are a few things from caps made by artemislives (and posted at open_alibi) - thank you so much for them :)!

If anyone would like the banners altering at all (resizing or text adding.. though I can't take text away as I don't have them saved as .psd's), just let me know :). And sorry I am currently on a bit of a Sweeney misson it seems so I am sure there'll be more at some point lalalaaaa!

Oh! Samples!

Spoilers for the film once again... well, sorta?Collapse )
24 October 2008 @ 03:53 pm
These are really random. Sorry : /. But they are Sweeney as well, so...


24 October 2008 @ 03:51 pm
Once Upon a Mexico and a few from Dead Man, The Libertine, Before Night Falls, Edward Scissorhands and one random one!

If you'd like anything altered, just let me know and I shall endeavour to do so (as long as it involves adding rather than taking away as I only have them saved like this)!


My name is Sheldon Jeffery Sands. I work for the Central Intelligence Agency. I throw shapes. I throw shapes, I set them up, I watch them fall. I'm living la vida loca.Collapse )
These are a bit rushed - whoops. I thought "I have decided that this evening I will make some Johnny things! And I will do it all in one hour!" Well, I ran over the hour, but I did it all within 2... and it probably shows haha. I don't know why I did this anyway. I'm odddddd. Aaaanywayyyyyy.. lots of walls and I very quickly cropped them into banners and avs too. If you'd like anything here for any reason altered in any way just let me know. I don't know why you would, but anyhow!!


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

randommmmCollapse )
24 October 2008 @ 03:41 pm
23 Arizona Dream icons
19 The Libertine icons
And a few bannery things


we will catch it todayCollapse )
24 October 2008 @ 03:40 pm
Hello! This is my first tutorial as requested by ceemonster. It isn't well done because I used a number of curves layers and I don't know what I'm doing with curves therefore I can't explain them either. Also, I think these curves settings (on the layers I've used specific settings) only come with Photoshop CS3? I just found them and thought ooo - what does that do?! So without the curves layers, if you wanted to try it, I'd just go through it and then at the end play with a (or a few) curves layers! Sorry I'm not more helpful! I guess you're really fiddling with the contrast and stuffs to get the final result but hopefully the colouring should be pretty much sorted with steps 1-6. Also, depending on what you're starting from, the transparency settings for some layers might need to be adjusted.

OK, so here goes!

We're going from:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket > Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket > Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

snipCollapse )
24 October 2008 @ 03:39 pm
Millions of Sweeney Todd icons part 2!


Sweeney's still waiting....Collapse )
24 October 2008 @ 03:37 pm
Millions (well alright, 166) of Sweeney Todd icons (Me, carried away? Nooo....) and one banner (I may do more banners, but enough was enough for today!!!) These are in two entries as there was too much for one, whoops!!


Sweeney's waiting, heeCollapse )
20 August 2008 @ 01:51 pm
Welcome to ominousoddities, home to theblackeyeddog's icons and other oddities. Older icons are located at theblackeyeddog.

Feel free to watch/join and to use this post for any requests you may ever have, suggestions you might have for what you'd like to see or questions about anything else! Not that I expect any of any of these things, but you never know I suppose!

Thank you for looking and here are my affiliatesCollapse ) and here are my resourcesCollapse )

Thank you to everyone who has created textures, made screencaps and shared their creations, ideas and techniques in tutorials.

I will try to keep my resource list updated, but if you notice anything missing, please let me know!

Oh and credit is not required, but it is much appreciated, as are comments. For credit, use theblackeyeddog and/or ominousoddities - whatever takes your fancy!